backless bar stools

Though backless bar stools have stood the test of time, many homeowners and restaurateurs have begun using bar stools that seem to be half chair, half stool, many of the stools having backs even arms. 



 Yet if a homeowner or restaurateur needs an economical solution that is easy to move into various positions and can be tucked away easily when not in use, one should consider a backless bar stools.


If space is cramped, a backless stool can give the illusion of more space. Stools with backs stop the movement of the eye across the room, causing a cluttered look in a small space. One can achieve a more spacious feel in the room with a backless design.


Guinness backless bar stool

Less material used in construction means a lower price. Backless stools are simply a more economical choice than stools with backs and arms. They are especially practical for new homeowners or people who are just beginning in the restaurant business.


Backless bar stools have a distinct advantage in a setting in which mobility is an issue. Inviting someone seated at a different table to dine or drink is a breeze when backless bar stools are used. They are lightweight and easy to move around to accommodate changing conversation groups.


If dancing or other entertainment is offered, backless stools can be cleared away easily even stacked in a corner to allow more room on the floor. Cleanup is also a snap. Less material means less time spent wiping the stool down, even if diners have managed to spill more of their dinner on it than they ate.


Coastal style backless bar stool


Backless bar stools are a part of a traditional barroom or restaurant décor because they are practical, economical, mobile, and have stood the test of time. Homeowners and restaurateurs should consider them when choosing new furniture for a room.