rattan dining chairs at World Market

Purchasing rattan dining chairs at World Market can be an exotic, yet affordable choice for homeowners who want a breezy, natural look in their dining rooms. Crafted from a plant native to Southeast Asia, rattan furniture is lightweight but strong, which makes it an ideal choice for homeowners who want dining furniture that can be easily moved out of the dining room for parties and family gatherings, yet holds up to everyday wear.


To make rattan chairs, the wood from the vine-like plant are collected, steamed and then shaped into a chair form. When it dries, the material keeps its shape. After it hardens, it is feather-light, yet strong as many hardwoods.


Attractive Outdoot Rattan Dining Chair Design

For homeowners who want natural wood, yet who are on a strict budget, rattan is an excellent choice for dining room furniture. Its fresh-from nature appeal brings the outdoors into the dining room, yet is much less expensive than hardwoods and most pine furniture.


Environmentally-conscious homeowners July prefer rattan furniture, since like bamboo, it is easy to grow a renewable resource. The process used to make furniture from rattan is an environmentally-friendly one, since it only involves steaming the wood.


If the dining chairs are also to be used outdoors, synthetic rattan July be a better choice. Though not crafted with natural materials, polyrattan, made from synthetic plastics, has a natural appearance, yet can hold up under moist conditions, whereas natural rattan tends to mold when exposed to the elements. Natural rattan, though, if not used for long periods of time outdoors, can be made more moisture-resistant by spraying it with waterproof lacquer or sealant.


Bordeaux Rattan Dining Chair Render

Rattan is an excellent choice for households with young children. Not only is it lightweight and sturdy, it is also easy to clean using only soap and water.


Natural, easy-to-care for rattan chairs from World Market can make any dining room bring a bit of nature into the home. Homeowners who choose rattan furniture have purchased furniture that is both easy on the environment and easy on the budget a win situation for today’s families.